Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Well I have trying to keep up with every ones new blogs, but there are just too few hours in the day. What silly person invented the need to sleep???lol!!!
This time of year is really busy, birthdays, carnivals, Halloween, bonfire night, Christmas, fetes, harvest services, Christmas plays.....enough said!! With all that and setting up the website, yeah I know it has been a long time, but there have been technical problems, the web designer's computers got a virus!! he sacked one person working on my site because he had done the whole database wrong, so it had to be re-done! oh and the latest, the web designer was ill then broke his shoulder playing ice hockey!!! Is someone trying to tell me something?
The plan is to do some blog hoppin' tonight, fingers crossed...lol!!!
A couple of weeks ago, Mikael was punched in the stomach several times by a child 2yrs older than him! Obviously I went to talk to the teacher. The child who had done this has a sister in my son's class, she is...how do I say this nicely?....ah...she pesters Mikael, she is a bit of a tom boy and likes to play rough with the boys. The mother brought her son over to apologise to Mikael, although "sorry, I don't remember hitting you" is a bit poor! Especially as he had lost his playtime over it!! How could he not remember? The mother is also a bit in your face too! I told Mikael not to play with these 2 children so that there would be no further problems (the little girl has been pestering for 2 yrs now! This is the 3rd time Mikael has been in the same class), Mikael says this is a problem as she pesters! Anyway, I thought this was dealt with as Mikael had said no more, oh no! This morning the mother comes up to me and says Mikael told her daughter that I said she couldn't come to his birthday party because I don't like her! Actually true, but not something he should have said really. Apparently the little girl was upset and is quite sensitive...CRAP!! I am sorry this girl wants to go to all the parties and invites herself to them, or bullies an invite from the kids. She dragged my son across the school hall by his arm! Of course I don't like her!! Or her brother and mother! But good little me so there is no scene in the playground for all to see, I apologise and say I will talk to him. Now Mikael has to apologise for something which is not really his fault and I have to be nice to the mother of kids who pick on my son! ....Head is now rotating spitting fire!!!
It is totally my fault, he wanted her to come to his party but I said no, he wanted to know why and I stupidly said that I didn't like her. Why should I have her in my home, she in un-controllable and would spoil the party for Mikael. The Gymnastics club couldn't control her, told her mum, who said they were imagining it and she was a good girl!
Ok enough rant over, on to some thing nice....
Mikael's swimming awards, I thought I'd share my clever boys awards with you!!

Time to go, sorry to go on about the "problem" just need to get it out!!
Thanks for stopping by!
Have a good week everyone
take care
Mrs t xxx


Yasmin said...

You did the right thing Bullying whatever it's form must be stamped out. sorry to hear abou the web designer, you'll get there in the end, great news about the swimming and the gymnastics. I vaguley remember those days lol

Take care


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Nothing worse than bullys, hope you can find a way to have a good party despite her and her mom :o)

Sugar said...

just stopping in to let you know i'm here...sending good thoughts.
seems not enough time!!!
have a good week.

garnett109 said...

Screw them ,don't apologize to anyone for their mistakes.
That mother is not being responible for her children.
you are going to reward her kid for doing bad and let her come to his party?
I hope not.
Have a great day

ADB said...

Just popping head round the corner to say hi.


Beth said...

Ugh, that girl AND her mother sound horrid. I hope she manages to behave herself at the party!


CONNIE said...

Funny how the bad ones twist things and comeout smelling like a rose and the innocent suffer.Grr.I hope the snot has enough sense to know she's not wanted and stays home...


megryphon said...

My husband was always telling me to invite all the children in the neighborhood to our children's b-day parties. Didn't matter that he was not going to help with the parties, or that we only wanted to invite a few so we could afford to do more things. It didn't matter that certain children were bullies or their parents wouldn't invite our kids to their parties. I ended up not giving many parties for our daughter because I had had such bad experiences with parties for our son.

;^( Jan the Gryphon

ink'n'rubba said...

it's certainly hard being a Mum these days and I don't envy you the mine field. Well done to your little boy for his swiming badges and I do hope his birthday party will be ok. hugs, annie x