Saturday, 22 November 2008

1 Year Blogaversary!!!!!

hello all!

It's my 1st Blogaversary!!! (is that how you spell it???)1 year ago today I posted my first entry on my J-land journal!! I am not sure if it still counts but I thought I'd just mention it!!lol. I did want to do a tag but it is so busy here at the moment that it is the last on the list!!

I will have some fab carnival photos to share just as soon as I can get time to edit them!! All the Christmas craft projects cards etc are on The Lilac Diary HERE Thank-you Jeanie for you lovely comment I really appreciated it!!! I've been having a problem with my mojo, it took a little pre-Christmas holiday, not a good time to loose the creative!!!!

The website is almost complete now I have to upload all the stock now if you would like a sneak peek it it here It still has a lot of test pics and text on it at the mo, but I am working on the product images so they can be uploaded and we can start selling....hurray!!!! It has been a long journey, hopefully it will be worth it!!! fingers crossed!!!

Well I am keeping this short as I have pressies to order (mum is coming soon to order hers too!) and there are cards to make, and of course the website to finish!!!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, I will pop back again soon with the carnival pics, here is a quick peek at one...!!!!!

Take care
Mrs T xxxx

Sunday, 2 November 2008


Hi hope you all had a spooky and safe Halloween.
We had a little tea party at mums Friday night. We all dressed up and decorated the house, the kids carved pumpkins.....

well the grown ups did most of!!!!
Mum made a cake (any excuse mum!!!) but really cool cake!!! we called him Frank. My mum and aunt have a spider friend they call Fred. We couldn't call this spider Fred as we were going to cut him up and eat!!!In the days of snail mail the letters and envelopes were decorated with Fred the spider, when they wrote to each other. Now when I send something to my aunt in Scotland I decorate the envelope and always say hi to the postmen as she has the same ones and they are friendly!!! so here is Frank....

There are no photos (thankfully) of mum, sis, and I dressed up but Terry.....

...even managed to scare the dogs with this outfit!!!lol!!!
And the kids....

....Scared!!!! Alix refused to put anything on bless him but he did run around with a mask trying to scare us all!!! He loved the trick or treating, he said thank-you every time and only took one sweet when offered. He loved putting them in his little bucket. You may notice there is an extra child in the photo, this is one of Mikael's friends, Rhys. I look after him for my friend when she has to work. His mum joined us later for tea.
Mum made a fab beef stew with dumplings and apple and blackberry crumble for pud...yummy!!! (thanks mum xxxx!!)I will have to walk 10 miles to lose!!!!
I went to J-land on Friday and it has gone. So sad.... I will miss journals, but I am glad that so many came over to blogger.
If you are interested in my crafting please take a look at The Lilac diary here and if you fancy a challenge craft or digi take a look here
Have a good week
Thanks for stopping by
take care
mrs t xxx