Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy New Year!!

Just popping in quickly to wish you all a Happy New Year!
I am sorry I haven't been round to everyone for so long, I promise I will catch up soon!!!
We are off to mum's to welcome 2009 in, in her bedroom!!! She is poorly sick, bless her, she has spent the whole of Christmas in bed poorly!
I wish you all a healthy and successful 2009
Take care
Mrs t xxxx

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Oh my goodness me!!! I have been a bad blogger! So sorry to have been AWOL but things just got crazy here for the last couple of weeks. I thought I had it all under control then all of a sudden school's ending the cards aren't finished the magic reindeer dust is still porridge oats!! and there are a gazzillion things to do before the big day! I say it every year, and I am gonna say it much work for 1 day!! The mad race to buy gifts, wrap them , hide them ( I am sleeping balanced on the big ones!!!) the cards, the know! LOL Then the day comes (drum rolls...) the kids open the gifts in 30 seconds (it took a days to wrap them!) and it's all over!! (I know there's the food and if your lucky alcohol!) Not really feeling Christmasy yet, too tired!!!
I get the Christmasy feeling when I get home from the cemetery on Christmas Eve, by 7am Christmas morning it has gone!! This year I have bought them a surprise gift (credit card is in the hospital!!!LOL) which (fingers and toes crossed making typing difficult!!) should keep the fun going at least till bedtime!! Well, I can't wait to play anyway!!!!LOL
This was going to be a quick post, but as usual the fingers have run amok on the keyboard and I am waffling!!! LOL!!!
I haven't had chance to edit all the final cards and bits I have made for Christmas so I will post them next week .I promised not to touch the computer or crafting bits till next Monday!!! I can feel the withdrawal symptoms already!!!LOL But I had to share this photo......
My DH bought my gift a couple of weeks ago and it has been sat calling to me since it arrived over a week ago! So unfair!!! I really could have done with it! Here it is....
...yep sitting on my table there has been a cuttlebug and pack of nesties!!! I am sure there should be a anti-cruelty to crafters society out there somewhere...I will have to google that one...LOL!
Well, all there is left to say now is a promise to visit everyone when I can and wish you all....

Have a wonderful Christmas

take care
Mrs t xxxxx

Saturday, 22 November 2008

1 Year Blogaversary!!!!!

hello all!

It's my 1st Blogaversary!!! (is that how you spell it???)1 year ago today I posted my first entry on my J-land journal!! I am not sure if it still counts but I thought I'd just mention it!!lol. I did want to do a tag but it is so busy here at the moment that it is the last on the list!!

I will have some fab carnival photos to share just as soon as I can get time to edit them!! All the Christmas craft projects cards etc are on The Lilac Diary HERE Thank-you Jeanie for you lovely comment I really appreciated it!!! I've been having a problem with my mojo, it took a little pre-Christmas holiday, not a good time to loose the creative!!!!

The website is almost complete now I have to upload all the stock now if you would like a sneak peek it it here It still has a lot of test pics and text on it at the mo, but I am working on the product images so they can be uploaded and we can start selling....hurray!!!! It has been a long journey, hopefully it will be worth it!!! fingers crossed!!!

Well I am keeping this short as I have pressies to order (mum is coming soon to order hers too!) and there are cards to make, and of course the website to finish!!!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, I will pop back again soon with the carnival pics, here is a quick peek at one...!!!!!

Take care
Mrs T xxxx

Sunday, 2 November 2008


Hi hope you all had a spooky and safe Halloween.
We had a little tea party at mums Friday night. We all dressed up and decorated the house, the kids carved pumpkins.....

well the grown ups did most of!!!!
Mum made a cake (any excuse mum!!!) but really cool cake!!! we called him Frank. My mum and aunt have a spider friend they call Fred. We couldn't call this spider Fred as we were going to cut him up and eat!!!In the days of snail mail the letters and envelopes were decorated with Fred the spider, when they wrote to each other. Now when I send something to my aunt in Scotland I decorate the envelope and always say hi to the postmen as she has the same ones and they are friendly!!! so here is Frank....

There are no photos (thankfully) of mum, sis, and I dressed up but Terry.....

...even managed to scare the dogs with this outfit!!!lol!!!
And the kids....

....Scared!!!! Alix refused to put anything on bless him but he did run around with a mask trying to scare us all!!! He loved the trick or treating, he said thank-you every time and only took one sweet when offered. He loved putting them in his little bucket. You may notice there is an extra child in the photo, this is one of Mikael's friends, Rhys. I look after him for my friend when she has to work. His mum joined us later for tea.
Mum made a fab beef stew with dumplings and apple and blackberry crumble for pud...yummy!!! (thanks mum xxxx!!)I will have to walk 10 miles to lose!!!!
I went to J-land on Friday and it has gone. So sad.... I will miss journals, but I am glad that so many came over to blogger.
If you are interested in my crafting please take a look at The Lilac diary here and if you fancy a challenge craft or digi take a look here
Have a good week
Thanks for stopping by
take care
mrs t xxx

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Mikael's party #2!!!

As promised here are the photos from the party...
While the kids arrived they went in to my craft room to colour pictures of Pokemon characters for a poster...

...They were given a Pokemon ball training card to collect Pokemon in. These were stickers won during games.
The finished poster....

The next game was Meowth's gold coin hunt! The kids had to find chocolate coins hidden in the room, on some of the coins were character stickers for their training cards.

Followed by the Pikachu Stomp! Hidden inside some balloons were some more character stickers, the kids had to stomp on the balloons to find them, very noisy and quick!!

Under control!!! I used stickers to keep the chaos to a minimum, with 18 kids aged 2-7 I needed them!!lol
Yes I did re-arrange the furniture, moved the TV and turned all the glass doors against the walls!!!

I managed to get them to pose for a group photo, shouting smelly feet!!!!

The star game was the Prinplup pinata, of course Mikael had the first go. Did they break it?
No!!! but they tried very hard!!!! even the babies!!!lol

The Birthday cake! My mum made the cake for me this year, I have made cakes and bought them in the past and this year mum did us proud. Mikael was thrilled!!

Food and a game of sleeping Pokemon...nice quiet game!! and time to go home. Each child went home with a party bag with sweets and cake. They got a certificate to say that they were Pokemon Masters and a punch balloon (or rice balloon) VERY noisy balloons, well I had to share the noise with the!!!

Alix thought the balloons were great!!

When everyone went home it was time to clear up and open the presents...

Mikael did really well with his presents and was really pleased. he got lots of money which he is spending on a Nintendo DS!!! He had a fab time and hasn't stopped telling me that I am the best mum!!! Bless him, I can't believe he is 7. I am very proud of my boy!!
Special thanks to all my helpers couldn't have done it without you xoxoxoxo
I made an album to put these photos in and hopefully I will get that done soon.
Time to get the site finished, nearly there! And there is Christmas to start!!! It's Clive's birthday next week and our niece too, so more party's!
Halloween tea at mums tomorrow, we are expected to dress up! Don't think Clive likes that idea!!
Take care and have a Happy Halloween!!!
mrs t xxxx

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Mikael's party #1!!!

Hi, Well Mikael's Party was brilliant, lots of noise, fun and plenty of sweets and games and no she did not come!! She tried, oh how she tried, she even managed to steal an invite from Mikael's bag and write her name on it. Why the mother never spoke to me about it is beyond me. If Mikael came home with an invite that was obviously not meant for him I would talk to the parent, I guess that not all parents act responsibly. I do feel sorry for the little girl, it is clearly learnt behaviour. Thank-you for your support and comments, I hadn't meant to write about that problem....Enough about that,
Here are some of the crafty makes for the party.
The invite was simple and too the point, come train as a Pokemon master and catch Pokemon!!

The star attraction........was Prinplup the pinata. The kids tried so hard to break this but he would not give up the treats inside!!! I emptied him out so they could grab the treats (they were collected in and divided into their party bags!!)

The first activity while the kids arrived was to colour and draw Pokemon characters for a poster. This kept them out of the other room while the next game was being set up. I got a fab photo of the kids under this.
The next poster was a team effort! My BIL drew it, my sister coloured and I finished the fine detail!! Thanks guys, I had had enough Pokemon by this time!!lol

Pokemon balls!!! These little balls of newspaper hung from the ceiling!

And finally 3 cards...1. for my mum, she wanted a card with Pokemon, grandson and 7 on it, she looked everywhere so I offered to make it for her. She usually buys our cards, but just couldn't find what she wanted.
The other 2 were from daddy, Alix and I.

Next party is Alix in February the theme...Thomas the tank engine!! I'll start!!!
I will post the party photo's next time.
take care
Mrs t xxx

Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Well I have trying to keep up with every ones new blogs, but there are just too few hours in the day. What silly person invented the need to sleep???lol!!!
This time of year is really busy, birthdays, carnivals, Halloween, bonfire night, Christmas, fetes, harvest services, Christmas plays.....enough said!! With all that and setting up the website, yeah I know it has been a long time, but there have been technical problems, the web designer's computers got a virus!! he sacked one person working on my site because he had done the whole database wrong, so it had to be re-done! oh and the latest, the web designer was ill then broke his shoulder playing ice hockey!!! Is someone trying to tell me something?
The plan is to do some blog hoppin' tonight, fingers!!!
A couple of weeks ago, Mikael was punched in the stomach several times by a child 2yrs older than him! Obviously I went to talk to the teacher. The child who had done this has a sister in my son's class, she do I say this nicely?....ah...she pesters Mikael, she is a bit of a tom boy and likes to play rough with the boys. The mother brought her son over to apologise to Mikael, although "sorry, I don't remember hitting you" is a bit poor! Especially as he had lost his playtime over it!! How could he not remember? The mother is also a bit in your face too! I told Mikael not to play with these 2 children so that there would be no further problems (the little girl has been pestering for 2 yrs now! This is the 3rd time Mikael has been in the same class), Mikael says this is a problem as she pesters! Anyway, I thought this was dealt with as Mikael had said no more, oh no! This morning the mother comes up to me and says Mikael told her daughter that I said she couldn't come to his birthday party because I don't like her! Actually true, but not something he should have said really. Apparently the little girl was upset and is quite sensitive...CRAP!! I am sorry this girl wants to go to all the parties and invites herself to them, or bullies an invite from the kids. She dragged my son across the school hall by his arm! Of course I don't like her!! Or her brother and mother! But good little me so there is no scene in the playground for all to see, I apologise and say I will talk to him. Now Mikael has to apologise for something which is not really his fault and I have to be nice to the mother of kids who pick on my son! ....Head is now rotating spitting fire!!!
It is totally my fault, he wanted her to come to his party but I said no, he wanted to know why and I stupidly said that I didn't like her. Why should I have her in my home, she in un-controllable and would spoil the party for Mikael. The Gymnastics club couldn't control her, told her mum, who said they were imagining it and she was a good girl!
Ok enough rant over, on to some thing nice....
Mikael's swimming awards, I thought I'd share my clever boys awards with you!!

Time to go, sorry to go on about the "problem" just need to get it out!!
Thanks for stopping by!
Have a good week everyone
take care
Mrs t xxx

Monday, 6 October 2008



Well I made it over here, I haven't unpacked yet, but that always takes a little time!!!

There's lots to do but so little time!!

It's been good to see lots of friends over here, J-land is like a ghost town, my little alert pop-up hasn't popped-up at all today!! makes me feel kind of lonely!

Just to let you know that I have 2 other blogs here, the first is my crafting one and has been running for a while now you can find the lilac diary HERE

The second is my challenge blog, which is open to digi artists too, if there is enough interest I will set a regular tag style challenge, let me know if you are interested.

you can find Crafts4Eternity HERE

Family news.......

Mikael has passed his level 1 swimming badge!!! Which is a great achievement for him as 2 months ago he wouldn't get in the pool!!!! He also got a "celebration fish" at school for his handwriting. The paper fish goes on a big board for everyone to see! He is doing really well.

Alix is doing well, we are getting more sentences from him and he is communicating his needs much better now, so less frustrated.

Well this was just going to be a quick!!!

So to end.........

Welcome to my new blog!!!!!!!

take care

mrs t xxxx