Thursday, 30 October 2008

Mikael's party #2!!!

As promised here are the photos from the party...
While the kids arrived they went in to my craft room to colour pictures of Pokemon characters for a poster...

...They were given a Pokemon ball training card to collect Pokemon in. These were stickers won during games.
The finished poster....

The next game was Meowth's gold coin hunt! The kids had to find chocolate coins hidden in the room, on some of the coins were character stickers for their training cards.

Followed by the Pikachu Stomp! Hidden inside some balloons were some more character stickers, the kids had to stomp on the balloons to find them, very noisy and quick!!

Under control!!! I used stickers to keep the chaos to a minimum, with 18 kids aged 2-7 I needed them!!lol
Yes I did re-arrange the furniture, moved the TV and turned all the glass doors against the walls!!!

I managed to get them to pose for a group photo, shouting smelly feet!!!!

The star game was the Prinplup pinata, of course Mikael had the first go. Did they break it?
No!!! but they tried very hard!!!! even the babies!!!lol

The Birthday cake! My mum made the cake for me this year, I have made cakes and bought them in the past and this year mum did us proud. Mikael was thrilled!!

Food and a game of sleeping Pokemon...nice quiet game!! and time to go home. Each child went home with a party bag with sweets and cake. They got a certificate to say that they were Pokemon Masters and a punch balloon (or rice balloon) VERY noisy balloons, well I had to share the noise with the!!!

Alix thought the balloons were great!!

When everyone went home it was time to clear up and open the presents...

Mikael did really well with his presents and was really pleased. he got lots of money which he is spending on a Nintendo DS!!! He had a fab time and hasn't stopped telling me that I am the best mum!!! Bless him, I can't believe he is 7. I am very proud of my boy!!
Special thanks to all my helpers couldn't have done it without you xoxoxoxo
I made an album to put these photos in and hopefully I will get that done soon.
Time to get the site finished, nearly there! And there is Christmas to start!!! It's Clive's birthday next week and our niece too, so more party's!
Halloween tea at mums tomorrow, we are expected to dress up! Don't think Clive likes that idea!!
Take care and have a Happy Halloween!!!
mrs t xxxx


Yasmin said...

What great photo's 17 kids must have, very imaginative games for the kids and educational too, have a nice Halloween tea tommorrow.

Take care


garnett109 said...

Looks like all had fun

Beth said...

Wow, that cake is impressive! Sounds like a great time, and those are great pictures!

Hugs, Beth