Saturday, 12 March 2011

No Promises :)

There have been many times over the past 2 years I have opened this blog, thought about posting then closed it.
So much has happened since I was last here I don't know where to begin.
Perhaps a fresh start?
Today I received an email from someone I considered to be a friend a long time ago. I was deeply touched by the simple words "hope all is well!" It probably sounds silly but current circumstances as they are I am at a low point and feeling vulnerable and lonely even surrounded by people, both real and online who I feel I can not talk to.  I was reminded of the amazing support amongst J-landers.
Thank-you Guido.
I can't promise I will post or visit regularly but may be the time is right to return to a place where I am not judged, where I do not have to wear a professional hat or be anything other than myself?
I am under no illusions, I am not asking for anything except a place I can write freely.
I am sorry to have deserted you.
No promises :)
Mrs T x


ADB said...

You're welcome, Michelle. I'll relay your new posting on to Call for Support - both here on Blogger and on Facebook. Hope your spirits will lift to help you up.

Connie Higginbotham said...

Hi Michelle,glad to have you back amoung us as time allows.
Us J-landers need to keep in touch. There was an awesome bondship (if that's a word) with our J-Land friends. Yes, Guido seems to be everywhere he is needed and then some.
Take Care because 'I Care'!! HUGS

Sandisan said...

Hi..I did the same thing stayed away from blogging for a while, just getting back into it too. Guido has helped a bunch of us old journalers connect again...will be back to read more again...come visit too...Sandi

Jeanie said...

I have been in the doldrums too with my Blog Michelle. It has helped being able to keep in touch on Facebook with all our AOL journal friends. It's wonderful to see you around again. Like you I am hoping for the 'Oomph' to come back to me again so that I can get back in to the swing of things. In time my friend...all in good time. Life has a way of fixing itself eventually.
Take care..chin up! God bless!

Jeanie xx

Yasmin said...


I' hardly around to blog much either though i still read many but coment on the few.

I do hope things improve and nice to see you posting.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

If it helps you, then blog, otherwise, no guilt.